10 Guys Who Can Wear White

Aside from the classic t-shirt white is a notoriously difficult colour to pull off. Not only does the slightest speck of dirt show up on white, there’s also the worry that you could potentially end up looking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Which is why Zac Efron’s decision to wear all white at this year’s MTV Movie awards was an incredibly bold move. On paper, the cons of wearing white out weight the pros, for example, you have to get the shade correct, if you’re wearing a suit an off white is essential otherwise you risk looking like a snowman, if however you’re opting for a white jacket or jeans as part of a casual ensemble then the cleaner and more contrasting the better. It’s not hard to see why so many people avoid wearing white (girls too, there’s always the risk of looking like the bride) but with summer around the corner white can be the coolest colour to opt for.

Here’s 10 guys who prove the point…

Zac Efron



Not only is Mr High School Musical opting for the risky denim on denim, he’s going all out, Hollywood smile, dazzling white. The reason this bright white works is all down to the denim and the texture you get from denim items. The crumpled jacket, the ripped jeans and even the less than perfect Converse shoes make sure that he doesn’t look too clean and perfect. Another great style aspect is his hair and clean shave, white is usually reserved for summer and for a clean crisp look, something Zac manages to pull off effortlessly here.


Chris Pine


Had Chris Pine opted for dazzling white instead of this vanilla shade you would never have been able to appreciate the detail of the lapel and the buttons of this double breasted piece. Pine keeps things low key by avoiding any neckwear, instead finishing with a flourish with that red pocket square. Like Zac Efron he’s ditched his (salt and pepper) beard and kept his hair neat to coincide with the crisp neatness of a white suit. Extra points for the light footwear as black or dark shoes can be jarring and draw too startling a contrast.


Eddie Redmayne


Eddie’s suit is very similar to Chris Pine’s, unlike Pine’s this suit is a little less relaxed and more of a slim fit which suits Redmayne’s slight frame. He too has opted for an off white colour which once again shows off the finer details of the suit. Eddie’s suit is more formal than Chris Pine’s but he’s decided not to accessorize too much and avoids looking too much like Jay Gatsby. A simple, neutral tie works wonders and his crisp white shirt only further highlights the creamy shade of his suit.


Michael B Jordan



Michael B Jordan has mixed things up a little, brown hues work wonders with white and so his brown shirt works wonderfully but it’s the funky pattern that really makes the outfit work. White can so often be seen as a stuffy look, reserved for yacht parties and middle class businessmen attempting to look summery, Jordan keeps the look hip and current with his shirt. His shoes are darker but this time it works thanks to the darker colours throughout the number including the pocket square.



Rami Malek


Wearing a white jacket as part of a tuxedo isn’t anything new, the 2017 Golden Globes saw Ryan Gosling opt for this combo and at last year’s Emmy awards Rami picked up his award in a similar fashion. Rami has managed to dress down a tuxedo with this look, without sacrificing style and sophistication. White on black can occasionally lead to the wearer looking too much like a penguin which is why most prefer to stick to the all black tuxedo, here, Rami has avoided this Antarctic look by ditching neckwear altogether and keeping things sharp with a white on white look. With the slim black trousers and inky shoes this is once case of dazzling white that works.


Justin Theroux


From dressing up to dressing down, white isn’t solely reserved for suits and tuxedos. Mr Jennifer Aniston has one of Hollywood’s best dressed down looks, usually favouring black jeans and leather jackets, it’s not really a summer look. Luckily Justin Theroux knows just how to keep his grungy look in tact even when wearing white. The subtle print on the t-shirt and the scruffy boots keep the look casual and his aviators and casual tan lend to the summer vibe. For casual full white outfits the key is pretending it’s not white at all, treat the clothes as you would black or your favoured colour and you’ll look as effortlessly cool as Justin.


Henry Cavill


Superman looks very British here. Henry Cavill manages to pull of a rather difficult three piece suit here thanks to his accessory coordinating. Unlike Eddie Redmayne’s suit which was a simple double-breasted suit, Henry has to deal with the extra layer of the waistcoat which as a result means there’s even more white on display. This is where accessorising well can play a huge part in getting an outfit right. He’s still kept things relatively simple with a lilac pocket square which on it’s own would be barely noticeable, but the addition of the deep red tie gives depth to the outfit and the hint of red in his shoes is a nice final touch.


Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson actually manages to make a hoodie look good here. The neautral colour compliments the white jacket which is smart enough and eye-catching enough to work with the hoodie. This is a great way to wear white as an outer layer without looking too summery, perfect for those who prefer darker outfits or edgier styles. The black buttons are a simple touch but one that compliments his black trousers and boots.


Luke Evans


Luke Evans’ white jacket is much more formal than Robert’s but works equally as well. Black with white can too often lead to Miami Vice look-a-likes and the key is to choose one item of white with a full black ensemble, rather than, for example, pairing a black shirt with a white jacket and trousers. By limiting to one white garment the contrast is sharp but not clashing. Luke’s rather slouchy jacket has all the right levels of smooth.


Ryan Gosling


This is how you do yacht party the cool way. As with a jacket, limiting yourself to white trousers only is always a good decision to make when going for a smart casual look. The white trim on Ryan Gosling’s shirt is a nice touch as are the shoes which match both the trousers and the shirt. Most importantly he avoids looking like he’s in costume thanks to the relaxed fit of the shirt which is loose and the sleeves casually bunched up. His addition of facial fuzz is a rare occurrence when stubble works well with white.


What do you think about white outfits? Who wore it best? And is there anyone out there who wore it better? Let me know in the comments!

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