Romancing the City part 5: Prague and Vienna

Here we are, the final installation of Romancing the City. These final two cities are the bees knees of romantic getaways and there’s not an Eiffel Tower or a Vatican in sight. Let’s find out why these two cities are the cream of the crop.




The Czech capital doesn’t scream romance on paper. It’s a Gothic, Central European city famed for being the best location for stag dos, probably not what springs to mind when planning a romantic getaway. But in a way similar to Edinburgh it’s the Gothic buildings whose gnarled shadows scatter the streets between the glow of the street lamps that create a unique romantic experience. Walking hand in hand down the narrow cobbled streets before arriving at the Old Town Square with the Tyn Church’s twin towers looming overhead is so eerie that having someone’s hand to hold brings an enormous amount of comfort. This isn’t a city for the faint hearted not only is the famous Charles Bridge adorned with haunting statues of 30 different saints but Death himself rings the bell hourly at the Astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. Having a loving companion there to share the creepy vibes with you is more than reassuring. Prague is also not one for weather. Yes sunning yourself in Rome or Athens sounds idyllic but don’t forget what we talked about in Reykjavik – seeing your SO in all their natural ‘glory’ can be a scary experience so Prague’s overcast skies and frequent downpours are a welcome sight for all lovebirds. After all, who doesn’t want to take shelter from a thunderstorm in an underground cave restaurant (trust me, it’s great) and who doesn’t want to link arms as you attempt to manoeuvre the extraordinarily slippery streets in the evening mist? It’s not all doom and gloom though, turn the corner onto Wenceslas Square and you’re back in the 21st century with clubs, bars and restaurants everywhere, there’s still the occasional bit of Gothic charm (like the giant statue of Wencelsas himself) but you’ll be escaping the cobbled streets of yesteryear for a while.




“…more at home here than in Vienna? In all your glittering salons. . . soaking myself in champagne. . . stumbling about to waltzes
by Strausses I can’t even remember?” – Captain von Trapp, The Sound of Music

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Yes, I just quoted The Sound of Music -non musically I might add- and yes, The Captain doesn’t end up with The Baroness in the end (spoiler alert) but come on! Meeting someone in Vienna has to be one of the most romantic places to meet someone. Everything there is so smart, so stylish, so chic, even on the tightest budget possible you’ll feel like aristocracy walking down the boulevards with your partner. From strolling past the amazingly beautiful opera house to hitting up a Viennese coffee shop the birthplace of modern coffee culture that makes Starbucks look like a greasy dive worth avoiding. Vienna’s magic is so special that experiencing it alone or with a group of friends doesn’t quite cut it, having your very own Captain von Trapp or Baroness to soak in the culture with you makes it so much better. Living it up like royalty as you pass winter and summer palaces works well with that special someone, you can finally be the power couple you always wanted to be but couldn’t because who struts down Portobello Road like an imperial guard anyway?


That’s it for Romancing the City, maybe you’ve been to some of these cities and have your own experiences to share, make sure to leave a comment below! 


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