Heads/Tails…Wearing Black


Let’s be clear here, black looks amazing. We’re talking the LBD, tuxedos and Yves Saint Laurent here. It’s stylish, it’s chic, it’s timeless, what more reason do you need to don those jet black jeans and inky jumper, partner them with some dark boots and face-swallowing sunglasses? Black goes with everything and it works for every situation you can imagine from business meetings to parties, black is the colour of sophistication and elegance. It’s also the colour of experimenting, it’s the perfect base to pair that multicoloured scarf with or those outrageous trainers without running the risk of looking like an eyesore. It’s ‘safe’ but daring, for some reason black frightens many, and it’s because it’s a powerful colour, it makes a statement, it’s bold because not everyone can wear black only those confident with their allure, those who don’t need to hide behind bright colours and patterns but let themselves do the talking, after all, with so many shades of black who needs a rainbow?





Who died? Black is the ultimate miserable colour. Girls, it drains you and it denies you any creativity, look at yourselves! You’re standing there, head to toe in one colour like you’re wearing a uniform. Black is lazy, it’s easy and it’s impractical – just you try wearing anything black in the summer, then we’ll see who looks chic. And guys, honestly, unless you’re a waiter or an undertaker avoid black suits at all costs, as for t-shirts and jeans? Well okay, if you want to look like a criminal go ahead but don’t get surprised when the police pull you over when you ‘suspiciously’ walk around town with your hands in your black hoodie pockets. Come on people! How boring can you get? Have you no creativity? Don’t give us that ‘black is chic’ ‘Chanel loves black’ bull, clearly those were marketing ploys to increase sales of black clothes because there’s no other reason why anyone would by noir en masse. 50 shades of black? 50 shades of blah more like.

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