Heads/Tails…Coffee to Go


Welcome to the world of busy. Getting coffee to go is the ultimate sign of being far too preoccupied to sit and relax with your favourite roast. Imagine it: sitting with your coffee! It’s ludicrous! Getting coffee to go is an absolute must for any one with a busy schedule/’important’ job/inability to sit still, it’s up there with free WiFi and train leg room. When you’re on the go you need that caffeine fix at least five times an hour and being able to leave the office, walk halfway down the street, stand  and queue, order, carry it back to the office whilst drinking simultaneously is the only way you’ll be able to satisfy those cravings. Yes, yes, there’s the office instant coffee but you’re not an animal are you?



What’s wrong with you? If you’re really that busy then why in the name of sanity are you wasting time queuing up for a cup of coffee?! Can you not function without a paper cup of -let’s be honest here- second rate quality coffee that’s overpriced? Do you really need a caffeine fix? Really? Like, will you just collapse in a heap on the floor if you don’t have this coffee? You don’t look cool or important and you certainly don’t look like a high flying city slicker, you look like the intern who has 16 Starbucks orders to get right. Seriously, why not get the work done now, maybe if you get that report finished early your boss will let you go early, and then guess what you can do? That’s right, grab yourself a coffee. (And you won’t spill it in your hurry)

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