Heads/Tails… “I’ll have the same”


You’re on a date, they seem nice, the restaurant isn’t a health hazard, all is well. You’ve made it this far, what could possibly go wrong now? The waiter brings over your menus, this is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most crucial moments of the date. What you choose says so much about you and your tastes, you’ve got to get this right. Garlic prawns? Um, no. A salad? Too wishy-washy. The steak? Come on, don’t you get out much? The Asian inspired catfish? Risky but we’ll come back to that. Spaghetti bolognese? What are you ten? That catfish does sound good, but what is catfish anyway? Besides, what do you actually want to eat? There’s no point picking something you won’t enjoy, besides, the date could be a total wash out – at least eat something tasty. Right that’s it, you’re having the catfish. I’m having the catfish!  The waiter approves, you sit smugly, satisfied with your good choice and the waiter turns to your date. And then, as if by magic, as if by sheer fate, they drop their menu, and smile

“I’ll have the same.”

Cupid might as well retire because this can only mean true love. Before you’ve even discussed hobbies and the like you know for a fact that the two of you share a deep, understanding, a connection if you will. You’re both thrill seekers, adventurous (who ever heard of someone ordering catfish!?) with excellent taste, this was meant.to.be!!



Wait. So I’ve just spent the last ten minutes painstakingly deliberating what I should pick and you’re going to turn around and say ‘oooh same’?! Seriously?! Come on!! Firstly, how are we going to do the classic first date trick of sharing food across the candlelight when we’re eating the same thing? ‘Hey wanna try some of my catfish?’ ‘No thanks. I’ve got my own’. Secondly, okay, so maybe it’s a coincidence but don’t you have a back up? Like plate B? This is a date right? You’re making an impression, right? Well the only impression here is that you can’t make a decision for yourself. That will not bode well for our ‘future’. Talk about setting off on the wrong foot! How can you possibly expect me to enjoy the rest of this date when I’m imagining our hypothetical (and never going to happen) wedding.

“Will you take this person to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part?”

“I will.”

“Yeah, same.”

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