In defence of…Cersei Lannister

With Game of Thrones drawing to the conclusion of its final series I figured now would be the perfect time to share with you my unabashed love for Westeros' most hated woman. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms herself: Cersei Lannister. That's right, the murderous, scheming, incest-prone Lady Lannister is my favourite character and one who … Continue reading In defence of…Cersei Lannister

I should TYPE that down

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus pawb! No I didn't just have a seizure, that was welsh for 'Happy St David's Day' For the uninitiated St David is the patron saint of Wales and March 1st marks his saint's day. Here in Wales we're all a little patriotic and so St David's day is celebrated throughout, from … Continue reading I should TYPE that down