In Defence of…Rose DeWitt Bukater

I watched Titanic again the other night. Again as in, for the millionth time, (I'm a little obsessed) it's such a great film, I love that sense of impending doom of the first half and the tragedy of the second. But alright, I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for the romance. Young Leo DC as … Continue reading In Defence of…Rose DeWitt Bukater

In Defence of…The Long Island Iced Tea

 The Long Island Iced Tea stands accused of being nothing more than a hangover-in-a-glass, a disastrous muddle of whatever was found leftover in the drinks cabinet and the warning sign of a mess about to happen. Bar-tenders hate it, partly because it's a pain in the neck to prep and partly because it's a … Continue reading In Defence of…The Long Island Iced Tea