In Defence of…Rose DeWitt Bukater

I watched Titanic again the other night. Again as in, for the millionth time, (I'm a little obsessed) it's such a great film, I love that sense of impending doom of the first half and the tragedy of the second. But alright, I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for the romance. Young Leo DC as … Continue reading In Defence of…Rose DeWitt Bukater

Writing Unrequited Love

The majority of my writing is fiction based. I write stories, screenplays, pilots and they're all either entirely fictional or fictional reworkings of real life events. As a result I often find myself in the shoes of my characters writing about events and experiences that are completely alien to me (for example I've never raced … Continue reading Writing Unrequited Love

Romancing the City part 3: Athens and Reykjavik

Welcome back to Romancing the City, the series of romance shattering articles that step on those rose tinted glasses and shine a light on the ugly side of some of Europe's favourite capital cities for lovebirds. Today's take of two cities features the Greek capital Athens and Reykjavik in Iceland. So far, London and Paris … Continue reading Romancing the City part 3: Athens and Reykjavik