Heads/Tails… “I’ll have the same”

Heads You're on a date, they seem nice, the restaurant isn't a health hazard, all is well. You've made it this far, what could possibly go wrong now? The waiter brings over your menus, this is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most crucial moments of the date. What you choose says so … Continue reading Heads/Tails… “I’ll have the same”

Heads/Tails…No Tips

Heads Unless you're American, tipping isn't compulsory at a restaurant. Sure, if you don't you look like a tight-arse but at the end of the day a tip is essentially that little something extra to say 'thanks mate, you actually did your job reasonably well'. Except...really? Let's face it you don't tip your surgeon after … Continue reading Heads/Tails…No Tips