My ‘ishouldwritethatdown’ blog is something of an online scrapbook, filled with a series of seemingly random thoughts and ideas for you to read, review and remember.

On this blog you’ll find rants, reviews and raves – anything I can write about, I will. Don’t expect structure or routine, consider this blog a collection of ramblings, a mosaic of diary entries, a treasure-trove of anecdotal gems.

The closest thing to a theme is story-telling; from literature to film, TV to music and everything in between. A lot of love goes into these posts so feel free to like, comment and share as much as possible! Most importantly…enjoy!


I’m Trudi-Rose, a wannabe writer from Llanelli, South Wales. Currently I spend all day writing at work and then, I go home and spend all night writing too. I’ve written just about everything; short stories, screenplays, a stageplay, a YA novel, a children’s novel…you name it, I’ve done it. Now all I need is enough paper for everyone to read them all!

When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, drawing, glued to Netflix, or telling anyone who’ll listen about my year spent living in France.