In Defence of…Rose DeWitt Bukater

I watched Titanic again the other night. Again as in, for the millionth time, (I'm a little obsessed) it's such a great film, I love that sense of impending doom of the first half and the tragedy of the second. But alright, I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for the romance. Young Leo DC as … Continue reading In Defence of…Rose DeWitt Bukater

Review: Whiplash

Yesterday I found myself having to decide whether to watch Birdman or Whiplash. Both recent additions to Netflix, both contenders for Best Picture at the 2015 Academy Awards and both vaguely associated with performing arts. I opted for Whiplash. Mainly because unlike Birdman it didn't win Best Picture so I had (slightly) lower expectations which (as I … Continue reading Review: Whiplash