Ranked: McFly’s Number 1 Singles

2020 has been a weird year hasn't it? Well, it gets weirder because 2020 is the year that pop/rock band McFly decided to make their comeback after several years of passive-aggressively telling their fans to back off and be patient.  Full disclosure: I love McFly. I've got all their albums and I've seen them live … Continue reading Ranked: McFly’s Number 1 Singles

Ranked: Gwen Stefani’s Love Angel Music Baby

I recently discovered that Gwen Stefani turns 50 this year. That's right 50. There's just ten years between Gwen and Madonna. So as an early Happy Birthday to Ms Stefani I thought I would rank all the songs on her 2004 debut solo album: Love Angel Music Baby. All songs being tracks 1-12, I'm not … Continue reading Ranked: Gwen Stefani’s Love Angel Music Baby