Heads/Tails…Coffee to Go

Heads Welcome to the world of busy. Getting coffee to go is the ultimate sign of being far too preoccupied to sit and relax with your favourite roast. Imagine it: sitting with your coffee! It's ludicrous! Getting coffee to go is an absolute must for any one with a busy schedule/'important' job/inability to sit still, it's up … Continue reading Heads/Tails…Coffee to Go

Heads/Tails… “I’ll have the same”

Heads You're on a date, they seem nice, the restaurant isn't a health hazard, all is well. You've made it this far, what could possibly go wrong now? The waiter brings over your menus, this is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most crucial moments of the date. What you choose says so … Continue reading Heads/Tails… “I’ll have the same”